Black Belt Boxing gloves are a great all round boxing glove. They have been designed to give maximum hand and wrist support during training, making these ideal for training and sparring.


  • These boxing gloves have an attached thumb for extra safety when training.
  • Ventilation holes will reduce overheating and allow more air to flow through the glove.
  • The grip bar allows for a solid fist, offering more support.
  • Designed with kick and Thai boxing in mind the outer edge of the palm has extra padding to aid in blocking kicks with the outer edge of the glove.
  • Every detail has been considered even down to the shape of the velcro on the wrist support which is curved to eliminate corners which can scratch your opponent when sparring.
  • Made from high grade Cow leather,
  • screen printed details and woven label make this a hardwearing but stylish glove.
  • Available in 10 or 14oz


10oz advised for bag and pad work, 14oz for sparring

10oz or 14oz GLOVES

PRICE £64.99/£69.99

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