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Sick of heavy kit bags that don't even fit all your equipment in? This practical bag organises all your belongings: with the different compartments, no need to rummage through the bag between exercises and better yet it's lightweight but tough. 


The Black Belt Boxing backpack has a large opening at the front enabling shin pads to be store and removed easily, with enough space spare for your gloves as well.

The side pockets are large enough for water bottles or a number of pairs of handwraps, plus a change of t shirt and shorts.

Whilst the large pocket with twin zip function has enough space for t-shirt, shorts ankle supports and a small gym towel.  


  • The 2 padded straps with mesh interiors allow you to carry the bag on your shoulders like a backpack.
  • The straps are specially re-inforced to carry the weight of all your kit.
  • Multiple pockets allow you to carry your full kit from shinpads and gloves to focus mitts.
  • The sepperate pockets allow for worn clothing to stay sepperated from fresh clean gear. 
  • Screen printed logos and branding give the bag edge and style, strong webbing give strength and support whilst keeping the bag light weight.
PRICE £49.99




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